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 Preorders for glue and remover ship out about 10 BUSINESS days from when the orders OPEN, NOT from when you placed the order. This doesnt include shipping speed only processing time. SO PLEASE BE AWARE before ordering.

Custom sets-
 If you need a rush order, please put it in your text when inquiring so I can give you a date of when it'll be shipped. If it is for a READY TO SHIP SET(RTS) then just add it to your order with the set and itl'l be shipped out the next business day. 

STANDARD SHIPPING takes about 5-8 business days.

 PLEASE ALLOW 5-8 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR PRESS ON NAIL ORDERS TO BE PROCESSED. There are a high volume of orders for press Ons and we are ensuring that your order is being done in efficient timing, HOWEVER press on orders can take anytime between 8-10 BUSINESS DAYS depending on how many orders there are. 
 **With that being said if you need press Ons for a certain date or time frame PLEASE ADD THE RUSH ORDER OPTION to your cart so I know and enter the date you will need them by in the note section at checkout!** These processing and shipping times are subjected to change with flucuating orders and holidays are not included!

During the holidays we know there are a spike in orders so please allow the full time we had discussed when making the order to pass before inquiring about your order. I ensure that I am working to the best of my ability to get your order to you in efficient timing but it is ONLY me working on these orders! Depending on the volume of orders it can take anyhwere from 1-4 weeks before recieving your order so please keep that in mind as well. I offer rush orders (ships your order out within 2-4 days) for those who need them sooner, but if your'e not interested in that then please order your sets in advanced! 

Any other questions please feel free to contact us. Tracking numbers are provided same day your order is shipped

. All orders over $75 receive free shipping with code BBFS75


Do you have any questions?

Loss or Theft Issues?

Once orders have been shipped, BujiBratt will NOT be held responsible for issues (loss/theft) with shipping. Please speak with your local USPS office for shipping issues or concerns. Refunds WILL NOT be given due to shipping issues.

Why are the labels on my glue and remover white?

Yes! BujiBratt has shipped international orders, the shipping price is increased though for out of the country orders placed.

Why choose BujiBratt Press Ons?

Bujibratt has full coverage, acrylic press ons that are reliable, durable, and authentic looking. Using Acrylic gives my press ons a natural full set look without the hassle of a salon and time being took out your day. Look good for less. Using acrylic also adds to the durability of the nails to make them stronger and less likely to break, crack, come off etc. Acrylic builds an appex to add to its durability and longevity, while also adding to the matural full set look. Who wants thin, plactic, plain looking nails?

How Long Do Press Ons Last?

When prepped and applied correctly, press ons can last atleast 2 weeks!

What Type Of Application Do You Offer?

We offer both sticky nail tabs and nail glue for application. It is no extra cost and is sent out with each set!

What Comes With Each Nail Purchase?

Each nail purchase comes with the nails, a application guide slip that goes into detail how to propperly apply your acylic press ons, a removal slip to make sure you're properly removing them without damage to your nail beds and the nails for reuse, and an application kit that includes:
 -Nail Buffer
 -Nail File
 -Nail Glue 
-Double Sided Orange Stick
 -Alcohol Prep pad
 -Nail Tabs for temporary wear

Are These Reusable?

Yes, these sets can be reused as many times as you need as long as you remove them properly each time and take care of them!


Option 1:
As soon as you have taken off your artificial nails, you should clean them underneath with a Q-Tip and some acetone.
*Be careful not to get the acetone on the designs or you can possible ruin your nails.

Use an electric nail drill to gently file the glue underneath your press on nails. 
*With this option you'll be able to reuse your nails over and over.
You can purcjase a regular E- FIle drill on amazon, ebay, etc. Expensive drills arent neccesary!

How Do I Properly Remove Press Ons?

*Removal is easier when you've worn them for a longer duration. Early removal can cause damage if not removed properly(Glue Use)

Step 1: Add warm/ hot water, soap and oil to a bowl. (Baby oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut butter Oil.) *DO NOT USE OIL IF WEARING MATTE NAILS.

Step 2: Submerge nails into the solution and let them soak for 15 minutes. They may need more time to soak depending. Check nails every 5 minutes by wiggling your nails side to side. (You're checking for the lifted areas)

Step 3: Using the cuticle pusher from your application kit, gently start lifting the nail off by wedging the cuticle pusher in between your natural nail and the press on nail around the edges where it was glued down. *IF THE NAIL ISNT LIFTING PLEASE DO NOT FORCE IT! SOAK FOR ANOTHER 5-10 MINUTES IF NEEDED. 


What kind of Glue do you recommend?

All orders come with a free glue but if thats not preffered then I recommend using BujiBratt brush on nail glue you can purchase!

What If The Nails I Purchased Don't Fit?

Due to Covid and sanitary purposes, refunds will not be given. Sizing kits are required for custom orders so if your nails do not fit, then the sizing was wrong and bujiBratt can not be help responsible. 

If purchasing a RTS set please read the discription for the size of the nails. They are preset sizes that range from XS-L mostly Medium size. I have a sizing chart in the footer menu to refer to for preset sizes.

Can I Make Changes To A Design?

Yes, I have a notes section at checkout for changes such as Different color, matte or gloss finish, or simple design changes to the sets on the BUJI Collection pages. 

How Many Nails Come in Each Set?

All Sets come with just 10 nails unless you purchased more than one set.

Do I Ship Internationally?

Yes! BujiBratt has shipped international orders, the shipping price is increased though for out of the country orders placed.